But She is ‘Just’ a Turtle

Oh boy.

Let me tell you what.

Being a turtle mommy, for me at least, has been like winning free tickets to the “learning curve rollercoaster” – that really fast, scary one I never wanted to ride in the first place.

If you’ve been following Malti’s adventures here and on social media, you probably remember that she recently went missing for 6 days.

Malti sitting securely in her mommy's lap immediately post-rescue.

Malti sitting securely in her mommy’s lap immediately post-rescue.

Those were pretty much the 6 longest days of our life together to date.

In our personal network, no one seemed surprised that I would ditch work, socializing and pretty much everything else for 6 consecutive days to search for my baby turtle.

(This, of course, is because our flock has the coolest network ever.)

But outside our network, and sometimes outside (literally) as I was searching, I would get “those looks.”

Like, “Why are you on your belly on the ground looking under my car with a flashlight?”

Well, um, “My baby turtle is lost and I’m searching for her.”

Oooohkaaaay. “Your baby – what?”


“Well, uh, good luck with that….”


More recently, this same issue cropped up with Bruce, the 3-toed box turtle who was rescued to me twice while Malti was missing.  Continue reading

Malti’s Great Escape (& Her Mommy’s Great Search)

Those of you who have been following Malti & Me for the past 2 years know that she came to me when she was just 1 month old, silver dollar-sized and scared of everything.

Not anymore.

Today, Malti is a feisty and fiercely independent 2-year-old….a little too much so in her overprotective mommy’s opinion.

On Tuesday, May 10th, Malti and I were out on the lawn as usual. I had my laptop with me (also as usual) and got busy replying to an email and when I looked up…..no tortoise.

The last photo I snapped of Malti, just moments before she escaped.

The last photo I snapped of Malti, just moments before she escaped.

I looked EVERYWHERE. If you have ever had that horrible sinking feeling like whatever-it-is you are searching for just ISN’T THERE, well, you know exactly how I felt.

As soon as my mom arrived and got me (somewhat) calmed down, we launched our search, which basically proceeded as follows:

Day 1 – no Malti.

Day 2 – no Malti.

Days 3, 4 & 5 – no Malti.

In between hours of searching and swatting and sweating, I hired a wonderful animal communicator named Dana Miller to help us.

I also prayed a lot, mostly when I was lying in bed at night aching in both body and heart.

And I whined in long form about the clearly one-sided unfairness of love and the uselessness of having so-called “faith” (I think I may have even said, “I’d rather go to Vegas and gamble. Plus I think I’d get better odds.”)

And I HATE gambling.

In the meantime, Dana helped us narrow down an area where we could concentrate our search efforts.  Continue reading