Meet Malti

Malti is a baby red-foot tortoise. She takes her name from the red dots on her feet.

This was Malti the first day I brought her home.

Meet Malti. She is little now....but if she were a human instead of a tortoise, her future growth chart would indicate "NBA basketball star."

1 month old. Weight: 48 grams (.11 lbs.). Shell length: 2.5″.  (May 2014)

This is Malti now.

25 months old. Weight: 480 grams (1.05 lbs.). Shell length: 4.5″. (May 2016)

About her gender: Malti’s breeder and her vet are both pretty sure she is a girl tortoise. We will know for sure if her shell shape stays more oval-round as she grows up. Stay tuned….!

About her name: “Malti” is an Indian girl’s name meaning “small fragrant jasmine flower.” After many months of sharing life together, I can verify she smells like nothing of the sort. But I’ve always loved the name, so Malti it is.

About red-foots: Red-foot tortoises (Chelonoidis carbonaria) hail from warm, tropical South America. They can grow as large as 19″ long and live for 50+ years. They have great vision and smell (hearing not so much) and are very smart and curious.

And me? My name is Shannon, and I’m a first-time red-foot tortoise mama.

So here we are. Pearl, Malti & me.

Me, Pearl and Malti in our first family photo together. <3

Me, Pearl and Malti in our first family photo together.❤

We are glad you came to visit us.🙂

Shannon, Malti & Pearl

p.s. You can visit Pearl at his blog –

16 thoughts on “Meet Malti

  1. Hurray – I’m looking forward to hearing about the adventures of intrepid Malti as she conquers the challenging world of large walls (bricks) and dense jungle foliage (grass).🙂 Lynnie


  2. I just knew Malti would get her own blog:) I look forward to reading about all of her adventures as she grows and explores the world around her! Oh, by the way, Malti is so cute! Shhh, don’t tell Pearl I said that! LOL!


  3. Malti is beautiful! There are tortoises at the Foster Parrots sanctuary. They are huge sulcatas. There used to be a red foot who was estimated to be as old as 100, but she passed away last year. When you visit the Rhode Island area, you’ll have to meet them (and all the birdies, too, of course!)


Malti (hearts) comments - so does her Mommy!

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